Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Despite the rain

We had a lovely meet-up this evening in, our now regular haunt, the Old Quarter Pub.

We had four new faces this evening including RachelR. :waves at RachelR:


The more the merrier.

We've been a busy bunch with our yarn, sticks and hooks.


Some of our completed works and works in progress include:

Froodies GIR
Ain't he just the cutest? :)

Froodie's Swiss Flag Bag
In Progress

Froodies Flower Belt
In Progress

LukeOblivious' Sunshine Prayer Shawl
In Progress

RachaelR is working up a baby knit in a lovely shade of purple and cast on for another project this evening.

Froodie's Swiss Flag bag examined by the ever fashion conscious DD (aged 11) who patiently explained that zips don't have to completely close a bag and that the shorter zip would do. Hilarity ensued as DD made her case while Froodie countered with scenarios of houdini-inspired writing implements making their way out of said not-quite-zipped-closed bag. A freezer bag managed to be worked into the conversation as a solution.


Ya had to be there.


Our meet-up topics of conversation are.....random to say the least. Heh heh

Last week saw the group meet-up moving outdoors as, in spectacular contrast to this evening, it was sunny. MadeMarian did me the favour of bringing DD along and a swell ole time was had. I finished off my cardigan while volunteering in Rainbow Support Services. Oh how I did kvetch at hearing of the fine time I'd missed out on. Ho hum. While I didnt' get the outdoor pint enjoying this week, there was much fine banter and yummy munchies, as well as some, y'know, actual knitting. :)

This week it was MadeMarian who couldn't make it due to work commitments. Oh the joys.

See ya next week folks.

Same bat time, same bat place.

a.k.a. Crafty Rainbow Head


  1. They all look great! Sorry i couldn't make it, flippin work.

  2. We'll have to get some pics of your current work in progress uploaded.


    There's always next week!

  3. I'm probably going to have to miss next week's, as I'll have to go to Galway with work. Schade!

  4. Ach wie einfach schade! :(

    A terrible shame. Still, tis Galway. :)

    Just make sure to come back and show us how you tackled the zip! Heh heh