Wednesday, April 29, 2009


LukeOblivious (Ravelry link) here.

We’ve found a permanent home for our craft group. Whoop!


Due to having my DD with me Nancy Blake’s age restriction of over 23’s only (which I hadn’t noticed before) was a tad off putting. Plus, should teenagers want to join our crafty circle they shouldn’t be restricted. So…..

Just down the street from Nancy’s is the Old Quarter pub which has out door seating, out door heating, comfy indoor seating, grand coffee and good service.

I sat knitting there for an age and got ne’er a quare look and my DD was welcome as they serve food and thus can have children on the premises a tad later than usual.

So, we’re gonna be there, for definite, Tuesdays from 7.30p.m. til 9.30p.m.


Happy crafting folks

Link to Old Quarter web page here.

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