Friday, April 3, 2009

We haz friends! :)

....(On Bebo & Facebook) & our first followers here.

We're always open to more though, so drop on by and say hi.

It doesn't matter if you're a stitcher or a wannabe bitcher.

We've already had feedback about our new bloggie in the positive and affirmatory i.e. Marian likes it.

If the impressaria behind such blogs as Style Treaty and Made Marian: Oozing Crafty Goodness gives it a thumbs up, then it's stylish, clear and understandable.



Plus, the first venue flagged for the approval of our yarnistas is The George on O'Connell Street.

Having been there myself with a bunch of youth (and no so youth) from MyLGB, I know the chairs are comfy, the lighting is decent and the manager is a genuinely friendly bloke with an open mind.

Any more suggestions?

Shall we give The George a go and see if they can pass muster with our discerning selves?



  1. It does have damned good coffee. But I think I'd rather somewhere a little less fancy though, if there are any such places left in the country. Flannery's that was (that turned into Jerry Flannery's) would have been ideal. As would Tom Collinses be, as there's not much in the way of music or funny looks.

    Also, day-wise - it's gotta be Wednesday :D

  2. Duly noted

    Wednesday sounds good for me too.

    A mid-week perk up opportunity :)